Some Unknown Habits Of Bollywood Stars


Many of us have habits some has good habits some has bad habits and here are the list of some Bollywood Stars who has some dirty habits. It may be similar to your habits.
Here Are The List:


The Bollywood Diva Seems to be very careful about her feet. Sunny just cannot resist her unusual habit of washing her feet repetitively. The actress often leaves the set every 15 minutes during the shooting to go and clean her feet. Never Heard This Type Of Habits 


The ‘Bebo’ of Bollywood who was just blessed with a baby boy  seems to be way too fidgety with her nails. Kareena Kapoor just cannot keep herself from bitting her nails!

So When Your Mom Says ‘Stop biting nails’ then just so her this article.

#3 Shahid Kapoor

Shahid Kapoor,who has been taking over the internet whith his baby daughter Misha, is said to be an addict. He just cannot keep his hands off from coffee cups,and ends up drinking about 10 cups  a day!

Thank God He Don’t End Up With 10 Packets Of Cigarette


The ‘Kaho na pyar hain’ actress, Ameesha Patel is addicted with the pink. Her obsession with the color ‘Pink’ is unstoppable. Her entire wardrobe is pink ccolored and she is often seen wearing pink clothes.

Your Daddy Could Try The Name Pinky


The King of Bollywood reveals the love for footwear by having a constant habit of sleeping in his shoes. He also mentioned that he rarely remove his shoes, mostly just once a day!

Ewwww What A Nasty Smell


Singer cum Actor, Ayushmann Khurrana loves keeping his teeth white. He prioritize his dental care over anything,and prefer brushing teeth more than once in a day!

Finally Got One With Good Habit

#7 Amitabh Bachchan

The legend of Bollywood has been seen with an odd habit of wearing two wrist watches. It is said, that this habit is cultivated in him after his son Abishek ,who was studying abroad then. Two wrist watches helped him keep a traack of another time zones.
Two Watches Ohh Thats Ok. Just Wait what Two watches???