Things You Should Know About Vibrant Gujarat 2017


The Vibrant Gujarat has emerged as a successful International summit for the promotion of trade and business in Gujarat state of the Indian subcontinent. In 2017, this great global summit is being organised for the 8th time from 10-13th January. It is organised this time at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhinagar and the main focus is on ‘Sustainable Economic and Social Development’. Let’s take a look on the major highlights of this summit in 2017:

  1. Exhibition of latest trends and technologies:

This is a huge step on the summit. The huge exhibition spread over land are of 1,25,000 metres square comprises of the demo of exclusive trends in the new technologies. Several new products and services around the public sectors of different commercial sectors are all on the display. So here you get to know about everything that is likely to invade the global market!

2. The Global Aura:

This summit will have seminars from different countries to develop smart cities and for rural development. According to the agenda of the program, France, UAE, USA, Australia, Sweden, Poland, Russia, UK, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Rwanda re to participate in the summit and held seminars showcasing their city planning and infrastructure. This is really a great step and India will be much benefitted by the program.

3. Make in Gujarat:

This will be an uprising for the shout of Make in Gujarat. This summit will focus on the growth of chemicals and petrochemicals on the state and also will look towards the problems faced in the development of medical devices and other medical technologies. This will give rise to a plethora to learn and develop skills!! Textiles, Aerospace and defence and every other sector is discussed and organised in this global summit.

4. Focus on Biotechnology:

The upcoming technology which will rule the world is now Information Technology and it is also predicted that in few years’ biotechnology will rule the world!! So in vibrant Gujarat Summit focus is given on the development of Biotechnology on the go!! Gene editing and the new Biotechnology conferences and research work are included in the agenda.

5. A great number of associated hotels and linked airlines:

Several hotels and airlines are linked to have a successful event. The big names are included in the list. Noticeable hotels include Crown Plaza, Hyatt, Pride Plaza and lot more!! Airlines linked to the event are Airline India, Etihad Airways, Emirates, Jet Airways and many more have given appreciable discounts.