Smart Phones Are Old, Now We Have Smart Hair Brush Too!


Smart phones are smart: – they can optimize the battery and warn you, remind you, everything and anything. Have you thought of a smart hairbrush, not likely really? But now you can have a smart hairbrush which is launched by Loreal in CES 2017. Let’s access the smartness of this hairbrush, give this a look!!

  1. Keep track with you hair care routines:

This hair brush comes with a sensor which will not only measure your hair quality but will also measure the effects of your different hair care routines on the go.

2. Get a warning on brushing too hard:

Via an app connected with your phone, now your hair brush will warn you not to brush too hard, pretty cool, isn’t it? It will also indicate how often your hair is brushed.

3. Your daily hair breakage score:

Now your hair brush will give you your daily hair fall score based on the brushing intensity and quality of the hair. This device will keep track of your much-grieved hair fall problem and will also provide you personalized tips.

4. Split ends no more a problem:

Women are regularly harassed by the problems of split ends but here with this device you need not worry and you will regularly get updates on how to manage split ends, how many you have and you have improved or not. Magical.

5. Easy user interface:

Nokia powered microphone which will listen to the way you brush your hair, an accelerometer, and a gyroscope to maintain the count, and sensors to identify the dampness of the user’s hair is what comprises this smart hairbrush. To use it, you also need only a smartphone or iOS connected app; that’s easy and awesome.