A Mini Drone Which Takes Selfie And Can Be Used As Mobile Cover Too!


Selfly is a type of mobile phone case that works as a drone and can be controlled via smartphone, making it an aerial camera capable of taking user selfies. This versatility allows the user to take Selfly everywhere, since the accessory can be folded to become more compact, in what would be its case mode.

Disconnected from the rest of the structure, the Selfly becomes a small pocket drone, equipped with four engines, battery, and a compact camera. Launched on Kickstarter, the product hit the collection goal without any problem.


It is possible to control the device through the mobile phone, which gives the user the perspective of choosing the best moment and angle for a photo. In addition, the creator of the device says to have worked with focus: it is possible to take off the drone from the palm of the hand, without difficulty and risk of accidents.

The camera on Selfly does not look ugly: with 8 megapixels, it has more resolution than most of the self-eyed cameras used in today’s expensive phones. In addition to photographs, the sensor can record videos in Full HD at 30 frames per second. The downside is that, limited by the space of the mobile case, the drone does not have much battery: the autonomy is only five minutes.

The initiative was featured on the Kickstarter and gained public interest because of the low price: only $99. Selfly deliveries are scheduled to begin in June.

Via Kickstarter