Top 5 Scariest Places Of India You Should Visit This Year!


Do you believe in the supernatural?? India is a beautiful as well as a mysterious country. The history of India goes back to numerous stories of kings, queens, conspirators, battles, martyrs and what not…When there are so many dead people there ought to be ghosts. Here you need to go through the top 5 scariest places of Indian subcontinent where you shouldn’t go at night:

  1. Tunnel No. 33:

This tunnel in Shimla which is the most famous and beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh is said to be the scariest place. Here it is believed to be the domicile of a British Engineer Colonel.

2. GP Block:

This building in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh is said to be the home of many paranormal activities. Several young boys and girls who went in and died inside have their ghosts dwelling in this building. It is particularly hilarious but a tale goes that people have seen a group of young people drinking alcohol on one of the tables here.

3. Dumas Beach:

Mysteriously beautiful beach located on the Arabian Sea, this beach is a center of strange happenings. It is famous for the black sand and was known to be a burning ghat at one point of time. This has the dwelling dead and many strange cries, whispers are heard hovering around this place.

4. Agrasen ki Baoli:

This great structure situated in the heart of Delhi was constructed by raja Agrasen. This fort consisted of a Baoli which was once filled with black water and was the center of black magic. The Baoli would strangely call people and drive them to death.

5. Ramoji film city:

This Beautiful film city is a dream for every director. Located in Hyderabad, this is one of the major tourist attraction!! But the tale goes that this film city was built on the grounds where a battle was fought. Several paranormal activities are reported here and females are more targeted than males. Females have even reported mysterious forces tearing their clothes off, the lights falling down and lot more.