Reliance Jio: The Fastest Growing 4G Network


With Narendra Modi’s declaration of digital India where he is aiming on the expansion of internet in India, MukeshAmbani rules the tech aura with the release of Jio. Yeah he is surely ahead of the competition with Jio. He launched it at the accurate time, the time when mobile networks deterred to provide a reasonably fast network to contribute to the digital India upheaval.  Here let us take a look on the major success of Jio in India:

  1. Reliance Jio Happy New Year offer:

Let’s start with the latest MukeshAmbani wishes Happy New Year to all Jio users by extending the service of free calls, free internet upto 31st March. Yes, this is indeed a great offer. Where we hear the limit is 1 GB but however it’s on the top scorers. The announcement is enthralling accompanied with a heart-warming ad which surely rules every Indian’s mind and heart!! So enjoy this offer!!

  1. Reliance Jio to hit 100 million subscribers by March 2017:

The recent statistics says that Jio has not stopped and is still growing with an astounding rate of 100 million subscribers by 31st March!! This is a history on the network in India and yeah we expect it to rise. Jio is far ahead the competition and every mobile network has failed to compete with it. Several networks can provide data, many may provide cheaper call rates but everything for free is surely only possible by Jio!!

  1. Reliance Jio 80 times faster than rival networks:

These words are directly from MukeshAmbani. Yes, 4g rules the top notch mobile networking and Jio gives you this facility absolutely free. The network is 80 times faster than other networks!! Just guess the efficiency of this magical network!!

  1. Reliance Jio is ‘world’s’ fastest growing technology:

Jio is not only the tip top of India but it is on the records. Jio has hit more users than Facebook, yes you heard it right. Jio has more registrations than facebook in the first three months of it’s launch. Jio is competing on a global range!! And not only facebook, jio is competing with tech giants WhatsApp and Skype too!!

  1. Lyf smartphones at a cheap rate:

The greatest compatibility of the miraculous Jio sim is with Reliance Lyf smartphones.The smartphones are way too cheaper and even it may launch a smart phone at a price of Rs. 1000!! This feature has greatly influenced the overall growth of Jio and yes we may see Lyf as the fastest selling smartphone too!!