So Are You Ready To Be Sherlocked In 2017?


Sherlock Holmes, the popular English series which has released season 4 on the New Year’s Eve, yes on January 1st has undoubtedly met up to the long wait of fans. Regarded as a masterpiece the new season 4 will surely thrill the fans. So are you ready to be Sherlocked in 2017? After a long wait of 3 years, it’s finally here so give this a look!

  1. Darkness is in the air:

This season is defined to be the darkest episode. This will feature the existence of Moriarty in Sherlock’s life! John and Sherlock will go on the darkest, and toughest journey as said by Steven Moffat. The tagline goes as ‘They kind of go to hell and comes back.’ So spice up yourself and be ready to be Sherlocked yet again!

2. New villain in the town:

Menace is on the air. With the death of Moriarty, the town is not yet safe. This gives rise to a new villain as described by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle short story. The role is played by the brilliant Toby Jones who will step in as Culverton Smith. Did you love Moriarty, of course, yes then be ready to love Calverton now!

3. New baby for John and Mary:

John and Mary will step a little ahead on their marriage and will have a baby. A picture of Sherlock staring at the baby is on air. But apparently, he is good with the baby. Be ready for the again spiced up relationship of John and Sherlock.

4. Doggie for Sherlock:

Season 4 will feature Sherlock with his doggie. Yes, the actor isn’t to have a child on as of now, but now you will see him walking with a dog on the streets of London.

5.Get your napkins ready:

Season 4 is said to be a sad season, so be ready with your tissues and napkins. It has somewhat pure magic which will enchant you as well as make you cry at the same time. So get ready for an emotional side of this psychopath series.