Rajasthani Food That Every Food Lover Must Try Once


This post is all about food, so if you are a food lover then you are absolutely reading the right article. India is a land of diversity, a country that bristles with different cultures, ethnicity, traditions and flavours that steam and simmer in local kitchens and what I personally feel is no dish is as good as Indian dishes. In one of my article I had discussed about the foods of Bengal and after that we thought now we should move from east to west, I am talking about Rajasthan, A large part of the state is inhabited by the Marwaris, who prefer vegetarian food and Rajasthan is also known as the land of Rajputs, the state is evidently under a heavy influence of Rajput Dishes including fiery hot meat curries and mouthwatering desi desserts. In this post,  I am going to discuss some awesome dishes of Rajasthan that every food lovers should try once,

machili_600Macchhilli Jaisamandi

Rajasthani Laal MaasRajasthani Laal Maas

Banjari GoshtBanjari Gosht

Aamras ki KadhiAamras ki Kadhi

Gatte ki SabziGatte ki Sabzi

safedmaas_612Safed Maas

bhuna_600Bhuna Kukda


mirchi-bajji-recipeRajasthani Mirchi Vada


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