5 Interesting Facts About Online Shopping In India


Online shopping is expanding at a very fast rate. Now-a-days many companies register for becoming online every day and everyday new customers swarm upon the sites. Now with reduced and mostly free delivery rates and less time available for shopping, people are shifting and online shopping is the most viable option especially among the young gen. so why not give this trafficking revolution and interesting look!! Look at this:

  1. India is the fastest growing e-commerce in 2015:

Unbelievable statistics of growth of around 129.5 %, India is beaming with online shopping. Yes India. The young country is now able to set an example and records on the go.

2. 30% increase in online marketing in the last fiscal year:

Now around only 300 people are on online shopping, however keeping in mind the great population of India of around 1.3 billion. However the growth is not bad, 30% increase in just one year is astonishing.

3. In the next 15 years, India will be the first in online market:

The intro of 4G network and many more promotions on internet have enabled people to rely on internet for daily goods: ranging from apparels to groceries and it is estimated to increase and rule the world in 15 years on the go.

4. 8% market share by 2019:

Now the internet market has 1.7% in the year 2015, but this is expected to around becoming three times in just 4 years. Yes by 2019, the statistics may rise to 4.8%.

5. Amazon is the most popular:

Amongst so many sites going online every day, Amazon has its own stand and here it is the most popular website.