Here Are 5 Simple New Year’s Resolution Ideas


It’s the time of the year which signifies a fresh start. Amidst the wintry cover of Christmas, here comes New Year with its extravaganza inspiring everyone to take an innovative approach to shaping your life for the upcoming 365 days. This requires a sheer effort to plan on your resolutions, after all when you plan a thing, it’s said that 80% of your work is correctly done. But the planning requires a meticulous approach.  It’s the balance that actually counts a lot, you need to balance yourself physically, emotionally and of course financially. So here take a look on the top 5 New Year resolution which you must add on for a successful and blissful 2017!

1.Go smart with the money thing:

The hurly-burly commotion of digital money should be the first on your list. Yeah, come on be a twenty-first-century youth and optimize and keep a track with the new digital society. This includes your resolution to go cashless for 2017. You need to optimize your credit cards, fund your wallets and voila don’t forget to check on the offers as now everyone will encourage you to go cashless. So make full use of the cashless etiquette and go cheap on your New Year plans and the plans thereafter.

2.Spend your mornings wisely:

Pettier as it may sound but on the long run for a perfect physical and mental balance you obviously need to have a well spent morning. Plan your morning time. Reviews say that people who wake up early are happier and healthier. Wake up a bit early and plan your day, schedule your appointments and yeah before that do yoga or meditation or simply go on a walk. This will make you feel energetic and content all day.

3.Make time for hobbies:

Glued to your own tiring schedule, you must have totally forgotten something about hobbies. So come on take the charge and go new. Do something you enjoy. Do something which makes you forget everything else? You are never too old to pick up a hobby. Remember an expert in anything was once a beginner in that!

4.Listen more and expect less:

For your emotional well-being, for keeping people in touch, it’s mandatory that you give them space. And don’t worry, it’s not as tough as you think, just listen more and expect less. It is a simple thing just go on doing what you expect from others this New Year and make it bigger and happier.

5.Do something for the underprivileged:

The best way to feel good about yourself is to do something for the underprivileged. And yeah, it’s proven statistically that people get a lot happier when they do something for others. Start small, but it’s really a time to start. Educate a child or distribute gifts among orphans, do anything and magically happiness will come back to you!