Goodbye Captain Cool, MS Dhoni Steps Down As Captain


Being the captain of Indian Cricket team is not a cheese talk, yes being the captain of such a sport which is indeed the heartbeat of Indians steers up a new volume of pressure. But we had our captain cool, MS Dhoni who could work under sheer pressure producing wonderful results. However he resigned from captainship of Indian cricket team so now we will have ViratKohli as the new captain in all the three squads. Let’s bid goodbye to our Captain cool and look at his outstanding achievements as the captain:

  1. ICC World T20 2007:

The inaugural ICC T20 in 2007 was had seen the marvels of MS Dhoni as the captain. With all the senior players including Sachin Tendulkar, SouravGanguly and Rahul Dravid sitting off the squad, whole responsibility feel on the shoulders of MS Dhoni. He was an able skipper and took every decision ably. He led the team to the finals with Pakistan and also won it by hitting sixes with long hairs.

2. Common wealth bank series 2008:

No Indian Captain had the privilege of winning a match in Australia but the records changed under the leadership of MS Dhoni. The young army led by MS Dhoni had beaten Australia once and Sri Lanka twice scraping into the finals and also winning it in Sydney. It was a Sachin Tendulkar exclusive and a winning stroke by MS Dhoni.

3. ICC World Cup 2011:

The world cup returned to home land after a huge gap of 15 years. There was too much pressure to be handled and losing a match in homeland was too expensive. Here also Dhoni’s team shone with victory with outstanding Sachin, Yuvraj and Zaheer. India had beaten Sri Lanka on the finals and grabbed the trophy.

4. Champions Trophy 2013:

The only trophy missing from Dhoni’s captainship was the Champions Trophy and in 2013 this dream also turned into reality!! Dhoni’ s young team led with the outstanding Shikhar Dhawan and RavindraJadeja and defeated the hosts England in the finals.

5. Asia cup T20 2016:

India was the number 1 team by now under this able captain. The next great cup awaiting for this man was the Asia Cup. Indian team defeated the arch rivals Pakistan going to the finals with Bangladesh and had a victory against the host.