Meet Shiv Singh A 48-year-old Beggar From Jaipur Who Is Studying Law At Rajasthan University To Get A Job


This is really an amazing news When for the first time I read about this man it was like’awesome’. The man has proved that nothing is impossible because the word only says I’m possible. The man whom I am talking about is Shiv Singh who is 48-year-old, a resident of Jaipur. He took determination and perseverance to a whole new level.

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Singh has a degree from Government College in Gangapur City, But he didn’t get any job. He started to  work as a labourer but wasn’t able to continue due to some problems. His wife and children left him, and, with no other source of income, he started to beg, But he didn’t give up. he uses to save the money which he got from begging and he used the money to buy law books and got himself enrolled in the Rajasthan University.

According to his fellow students, he is one of the most hardworking people in the class and he has not taken a single day leave from the day 1 of his classes. He even comes to college when there is no class to study in the library. Singh hopes to get a job at court once he has a law degree.

Source: The better India