Meet Ram Babu A Snack Seller In Allahabad, Fries Pakoras With His Bare Hands


ram_babuThis man is really amazing, Meet Ram Babu a street Chef of Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh has a super power in him. The 60- year old Ram Babu attracts his customer by his ability to bury his bare hand into hot cooking oil heated up to 200C for frying fritters.

Ram babu said that “People from far away come to see me frying pakoras without burning my hands. I have been doing this for more than forty years but have never suffered blisters or any burn injury,”

The snack seller of Allahabad who fries potato and eggplant wedges at his roadside stall had came into this business at the age of 20 and had never thought that his small stall would see such a large turnout with the passing time demand grew and Ram babu stopped using the apparatus to save time he pulls out the fritters straight out of the pan by putting his bare hands in oil.

“Using the heavy spatula was time-consuming. One day, there was a throng of customers at the shop and I had no helping hand. In panic, I mistakenly put my bare hands to take out fries. Before I could realise, my hands were deep into the pan of bubbling oil. I immediately took my hands out expecting blisters covering my hand but surprisingly there was nothing,” he recalls….and also said that “Ever since that day I decided to not use a spatula. I have never been hurt, it feels as if I am putting my hands in water,”

Amit Singh who is a frequent customer of Ram babu said that “It really surprises me when I see him pulling out the fritters straight out of the pan. One has to see to believe him doing this.”I can never think of even touching that boiling oil but he astonishingly takes out crispy pakoras as if they have been fried in cold water. And the fritters taste really good.”

And guess what not only customers doctors are also surprised with this. Ram babu said that “As my popularity grew, several doctors approached me for research. Many took the sample of my skin, but none found anything unusual. I do not know why I am like this but as long as I am unhurt and my ability helps me make money, I will happily fry fritters with my hands.”

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Source: NDTV