Meet The Power Couple Of 2016 ‘Virushka’


Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are recently giving major relationship goals to everyone out here. Here in 2016 where Virat Kohli succeeds as the most scoring test player of India, Anushka Sharma is the most paid actress of 2016. Amidst their busy schedule and the responsibilities of a long distance relationship, they are surely taking it along with style and jazz. Surely they are the power couple of 2016 with their cute and powerful social appearances. Give this a look:

  1. Anushka’s appearances on cricket matches:

Despite her tiresome schedule, the actress is spotted during matches. The cute hug on scoring a hundred and the sad look on Anushka’s face when we lose Virat’s wicket is telecasted too often on the television. These small cute moments definitely gives their fans the vibes of their relationship.

2.Virat Kohli catches movies of Anushka and tweets the same. He even drags his brothers to watch her movies. Cute, isn’t it? He is too supportive on his edge.

3. The reaction of both of them when they are questioned on about each other, protecting each other. Their replies surely tell us that they immensely admire and respect each other! When the world gave them hiccups, they also showed the world the power of their relationship, check this out!

4.Their huge number of cute photos out on social media. They are not ashamed to accept each other publicly. Sometimes they are like cute teenagers and sometimes like the true lobsters who are there for each other!

5.Their popularity on the globe! Yeah, they are all set for a movie together! Their holidays together. Yeah they are spotted everywhere, enjoying with their dear ones.

So, let’s wish the best to Virushka. Let them cherish more moments in 2017 and continue to give us major relationship goals!