New Kingston 2TB Pendrive Has World’s Largest Storage


Kingston introduced its new flash drive with powerful 2TB storage, the largest available in this market today. The DataTraveler Ultimate Generation Terabyte model was announced this Wednesday (4) and is compatible with USB 3.1 ports, which promises higher data transmission speeds.

Even with so much space, the device has the design of a traditional pen drive, with only slightly more robust measures. The model is ideal for those who need to carry heavy files to various places and do not want to take up too much space with an external hard drive. The Pendrive begins to be sold in the United States in February this year.

The Kingston has started the year with an outstanding device. The launch of the stick occurs on the eve of the technology fair CES 2017, which takes place this month in Las Vegas, United States. The device is interesting for those who save many media in high resolution, games or work with editing videos and photos. The manufacturer promises support for storage of about 70 hours of videos in 4K, for example.

Thinking about it, the Kingston pendrive combines portability with wide space, dimensions of 72 x 26.94 x 21 mm, which allows the user to carry with him in his pocket. Still talking about the design, the pendrive offers a shock-resistant, zinc-structure, silver-colored look. Over the USB 3.1 (Ger 1) connector, Kingston plans plug-and-play operation with superior performance up to ten times over traditional USB 2.0 and more energy-efficient power management.

The DataTraveler Ultimate GT also offers a 1TB option for those who do not need such extensive storage. The Kingston pendrive is compatible with Windows (from 7), Mac OS version 10.9 or higher, Linux 2.6 or higher and Chrome OS. Another highlight is the five-year warranty period offered by Kingston with technical support. There is no price forecast or release date yet.