I am a 15 Year Old Girl and This is How Someone Reacted when I Refused him to Marry


The incident happened in Pachrukhi, Bihar on September 13 2015,When Mohammed Gyas Khan and his family were at home, Two men forcefully entered into khan’s home and threw acid at khan’s daughter who is fifteen years old.Both the men had been identified as Mohammad Ehsaan and Mohammad Belal.

After this incident, Gyas khan the father of Victim started running from one medical facility to another.At first  khan’s daughter got his first aid from District Hospital but after that she was referred to patna Medical College hospital for further treatment and after that she was taken to a private hospital in Patna and now she is in that private hospital currently.


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As said by father, Somehow the culprit arranged khan’s home’s personal number and started calling khan’s daughter and telling her to marry him, when she refused, the culprit started threatening her.

Mohammad Ehsaan has been arrested and Mohammad Belal is still missing.

Everyone should raise a voice against this

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