Her Name Is Ishita Malaviya, She Is India’s First Professional Female Surfer


“The Extension of Women’s right Is the basic principle to all Social progress”

People in India most of the time don’t give priority to females. There are many places in India where a girl is not sent to school. According to me, Girl and Boy should be treated as the same. We should not forget that Jhansi ki Rani, Mary Kom are from India I cannot understand Why this type of discrimination, Why girls are always suffering. If we support, stand and unite for girls I am 100% sure that girls can Drive a massive change in any of the fields. I request everyone please stop Discriminating and start supporting Female.

In this video, you will get to see Ishita Malaviya who is India’s first professional female surfer and also teaches surfing to young girls. I think everyone should watch this video, it’s very much Inspirational. A salute to Ishita Malaviya for proving that woman can do anything

Check Out the Video Here:

News Source: The logical Indian

Video Source: YouTube