GST (Goods and Services Tax) Implementation Date extended!  


Many of us Know What Is GST Tax System in India, and what will be its consequences on Indian market.


For Those Who Don’t know what is GST,  GST aka GOODS AND SERVICES TAX is the proposed tax system by the ruling government. It is an Indirect Tax which will replace all the Central and State government taxes and Bring a revolution In Indian economy.
GST was Supposed To implement from 1st July 2017,  But a Message is being Rumored on whatsapp as

” ​GST implement date extended to 01.09.2017…
Declared in today’s gst council meeting…. ”
We haven’t got any confirmation on this Message,  It Can be A Rumor,  But India Lacks E-Way bill system which is Must for GST implimentation as Goods worth rs 50,000 or Higher Must Be Registered on GSTN(GST-Netowrk)  Portal

We will update the article as we get more news About GST!

Stay Tuned!