Giving India The Patriotism Vibes ‘Akshay Kumar’


Akshay Kumar aka the Khiladi of Bollywood is now seen involved in many patriotic movies!! He has a clear cut choice and has done the maximum patriotic movies till date all direct from his passion!! His superb acting reinforces the idea of patriotism directly into the hearts of the countrymen. Here let’s take a look on his biggest patriotic movies which must have sparked the Indian inside you:

1. Rustom:

In this medieval age movie, Akshay is seen as a patriotic naval officer who is surrounded by the blasphemy of his wife’s affairs with a man who wanted to uproot the sanctity of the Indian Navy. Smartly Akshay smashes the rebellion and also comes out as a hero and is left free after murder on grounds of the Jury’s decision!! This movie will surely have your hopes high.

2. Airlift:

A well-established Indian businessman settled in Kuwait enjoys his life to the fullest. However, when Iraq declares war against Kuwait the situation changes and he emerges as a hero freeing all Indians from the state. This is surely a marvel on BEING INDIAN!!

3. Gabbar is Back:

This satirical movie uproots corruption from India with the name of the famous villain Gabbar. Here Akshay [plays the role of a man who loses his pregnant wife to a melancholy business man. He is seen as revolutionizing the customs and paving the way for an uncorrupted state.

4. Holiday:

This is yet another brilliant movie by Akshay where he is seen as an army officer who cunningly fights the terrorists and prevents serial blasts and at last kills their leader too!! This is purely dramatic and the dialogues on patriotism will surely gear you up.

5. Baby:

An Indian Intelligence officer who is all set for a secret mission founds something more secret and he returns India with the body of a famous terrorist. Full of action and drama, this movie had awesome box office collections whilst not compromising on the spirit of Patriotism.