Four Poisonous Foods That You Eat Every Day


Did you know that every day we consume many poisonous foods? Yes, you might be smiling right now but it’s true that we consume many poisonous foods every day and you might get shocked after knowing all those four foods that we consume in our daily life. But don’t worry the amount of poisonous elements present in this foods are very small, so there’s no need to create great concerns.

Here is the list of all four foods:-

Vegetables and Fruits

This is a close-up of vegetables and fruits.Acetaldehyde is an organic chemical compound which is very strong, pungent and extremely volatile substance. Acetaldehyde present in many Vegetables and Fruits, which is extremely toxic and can also cause cancer.



hot  coffeeCoffee contains Pyridine which is a very common element and widely used in laboratories. If it is consumed in large quantities then it can cause sterility.



meat_TalepickerMeat contains Benzene which is carcinogenic and highly capable of altering DNA, causing mutations. This element is often replaced with toluene, in laboratories, which have almost identical chemical structure but with different metabolism.


turkey-meat_TalepickerTurkey contains Acrolein which is very bitter and pungent in smell and has a very unpleasant taste. This substance is very toxic and may be carcinogenic.

Image Sources: Bettaveg, Punwadi, WillowbrookorganicAgritech