Goodbye To The Former CEO Of Flipkart ‘Binny Bansal’


Flipkart, the largest online retailer store in India has made major announcements. This group has moved the co-founder Binny Bansal to the new position of chairman and Kalyan Krishnamurthy is appointed as the new CEO of Flipkart. With all this going on, the ex-CEO has suddenly come into limelight for his unshaken career, let’s give a look to some interesting facts about this ex- CEO:

1. Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal both knew each other since childhood, both belonged to the same school in Chandigarh but they never were good friends in school. Their friendship blossomed in IIT Delhi and gave rise to this mega e-retail start up.

2. Binny Bansal was rejected twice by Google!! Yes the very talented graduate from IIT Delhi was rejected twice by Google which was his dream company. However he didn’t lose hope and joined Amazon which again favoured his meeting with Sachin Bansal.

3. Binny Bansal was extremely talented researcher. He had worked with Sarnoff Corporation where he made a sensor for cars to warn if it changed lanes without giving a signal. Smart invention, isn’t it?

4. Binny is probably the most intelligent all-rounder. He had captained the basketball team in school and college and was also a great enthusiast of adventure sports!! He was an avid reader also and had an unmatched personality.

5. This down to Earth man surely creates aww!! He is hardly seen as a billionaire. His wife still brings tiffin to his office. He had even worked as a delivery boy for Flipkart first ever novel by borrowing money from his friend.