Exposed ! The Ugly Truth behind Akansha Sharma’s “Fake “Claims


A lot has been said about Akansha Sharma,ex big boss contestant’s so called ‘Dirty and Fake” allegations against the Singh family on “Domestic Violence” grounds. While she said that she has been both mentally and physically harassed by them, the dirty reality behind these fake claims would leave everyone shattered in Surprise.

As per the Divorce petition details held by the famous daily DNA, the petition of the couple clearly confirms the facts behind Akansha Dirty claims of her being a victim. The following 10 points from their Petition put further lights on her fake claims:

  • No Dowry or Gift taken : It was clearly mentioned in the Divorce papers filed by the couple that neither dowry nor any gift or cash was taken by Singh family while Akansha and Zorawar tied the knot in Feb 2014.
  • Akansha Reluctant to get Physical with Zorawar without any Strong reasons:Even though the couple went on Honeymoon to Goa, Dubai, and Malaysia, Akansha suddenly got unwilled towards getting Physical with her Husband.
  • Akansha forced Zorawar to get separated from his family: Moreover, she also forced her Hubby Zorawar to get separated from his family and shift to Gurgaon where her parents live.
  • Akansha’s Late night outings,being an Alcholic and Druf Addict:Once the couple moved to Gurgaon, Akanksha started late night outings with friends and often used to return back home in Heavily Drunk condition. She also started taking Drugs in the process and got frustrated on her family and husband once they objected.
  • Unwilling to get sort her Marriage issues: Akansha’s also refused to visit marriage counselor to sort out her married life issues even when Yuvi tried to convince him for same.
  • Big impact on Singh family’s Mental and physical health:Due to the trauma, both Zorawar and Shabnam had to be admitted to the Fortis Memorial Research institute, Department of Emergency and Trauma Services, Gurgaon on July 4, 2014.
  • Akansha pushing Zorawar to become a Drug Fiend too :Zorawar further said that Akansha did ‘force’ him to have alcohol and smoke cigarettes, which caused him distress!
  • Akansha’s daily increasing Demands of Luxuries:It also appeared that akansha instead harassed her in-laws for not been able to fulfill her Luxury demands.
  • Aksnsha’s “Dirty” Social Media posts:Akanksha often used to post offensive pictures of her to insult the family.

Moreover, While telling her fake facts to a fellow big boss contestant, Gurgaon-based Akanksha also claimed earlier that “the Singh family did make her starve for money and it was a struggle to get Rs 3,000 a month.”Its worth mentioning here that Shabnam singh’s lawyer Damanbir singh sobti who dealt with the case regarding these allegations last year has stated that it’s the husband’s responsibility to maintain the wife and not mother-in-law’s, Sobti further clarifies, “Apart from giving her cash, Shabnam Singh used to give her Rs 20,000 through RTGS every month. The wedding lasted for four months and she was in that house till September 2014 but my client kept giving her money till April 2015. Then she threatened to go to press with false stories and demanded money. That’s when Zorawar filed a divorce petition, which is pending in Chandigarh.”