Demand For New State Gorkhaland: Seems To Be Genuine And Justified




gorkhaland painted in wall We want gorkhaland

No one had an unjust demand. Everyone has their own perspective to look at things. Today say West Bengal was a part of Pakistan – we may have a strong urging to join India rather than continue be a part of Pakistan since we are culturally different. If you look at things from the viewpoint of the settlers or local citizens, the demand for Gorkhaland is Genuine and Justified. But there are many with different mind and different thoughts.

Here i found some people on Quora talking about the Pros and Cons

Is the demand for the separate state of Gorkhaland justified and viable?

map of gorkhaland

#1 “Although an inhabitant of southern part of West Bengal, I think the demand of the people at Darjeeling is fairly justified. They are very much undeveloped compared to other parts of West Bengal and they are also ignored and not nurtured properly.
It is highly unethical to restrict them to our territory to get all the profits and not to solve any problems related to that particular area. I know that there are some politics involved in the demand but aren’t we playing politics to confine them in our boundary? Although it will be a small state, but still I hope it can flourish with their own administration.
Darjeeling has its all natural beauty to become one of the marvellous tourist spot in India. Still, because of our ignorance, it’s not getting the recognition and development it deserves. It’s a World Heritage but just look at its condition!!!”

#2 “Absolutely not.


The reason being the map that they have proposed. This consists the entire of Terai including Siliguri. Now Siliguri being a Bengali dominated place, what justification is there to include it to a state that is based on a separate linguistic demand? So why would the majority Bengalis of Siliguri be forced into a Nepali language speaking state? So the majority of Bengali children in “Gorkhaland” grow up learning that their own community has abandoned them? The plan is simple, just few tea gardens and tourism industry is not enough to run a new state for a long time. Hence lets grab a plain(Siliguri) too in our demand for Hill area state, aah… now we have India’s most strategically viable jackpot, and oh… the Bengalis from South Bengal are supporting this too!

Perhaps the Bengalis from South Bengal can answer this better, after all, all they need is Kolkata to be safeguarded. Even if the rest of Bengal is broken into bits and pieces.

So I propose, if there is Gorkhaland, there should also be Kamtapur, Greater Cochbehar and so on, all West Bengal will be left with is just Kolkata and some illegal Bangladeshi immigrants.”


#3 “Even the smallest state in the country, Goa has 2 districts with a population of around 3104600 (2017) whereas Darjeeling itself is a district with population around 1847000 (2011).

It doesn’t qualify for being a state in the first place. Secondly, they are arguing on the ground of ethnicity. If people of different ethnics starts demanding for a state then there would be 100s of states in India. Telangana people had fought for 44 years and finally got separated in 2014. Lastly, development is the only valid issue raised by them. Again if this is about development then making it a separate state may or may not solve it.

This fight won’t be easy for them as every country tries to stay united and is resistive towards division.”


#4 “Talking about the size, I think a smaller state is definitely better managed because of the relative ease of managing a smaller state. Compare U.P with say, Mizoram.

However, most importantly, its the identity that the people of Gorkhaland have been longing for. Even after sacrificing numerous sons on the battlefield and its continuous service to the country, Gorkhaland and the Gorkhas still have to prove their nationality time and again.”

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The most shocking thing is that the clash between Bengali and Nepali on social media.

Grow up guys fight is not for the community or the people don’t let these politics ruin our relationship.

There will be no one to stop you if you are fighting for the rights. Just ignore the obstacles.