Amazing: 8 Crazy Facts About Food That Will Blow Your Mind


This post is all about food, So if you are food Addict then you are reading the right article. in one of my article I had discussed some of the benefits about specific food but this Article is a bit different, in this Article in going to discuss some facts about food and trust me these are not ordinary facts, these are lesser known facts or you can say bizarre facts about common food. When i heard this facts i thought of sharing this facts with you and I am sure that after reading the article you will get amazed, from Wifi signal absorbing Potatoes to Dairy products we have most of the things in our list.i request each and every viewer to post your opinion

Potatoes#1. Did you know that Potatoes absorbs Wi-Fi signal? Potatoes are used to both Test and improve Internet signals on Airplanes. i don’t know about yourself but from today onwards I am going to buy two three Extra Kgs of potatoes.

pineapple-as-gift#2. Did you know that pineapples are international symbols of welcome and not only that they are a symbolic way of saying “You are perfect” when gifted to someone. Still waiting for the day when i will get a pineapple as a Gift.

Chocolate#3. Did you know that Chocolate was used as currency. The Mayans and the Aztecs used cocoa beans as currency. I wish i would have born in Ghana on that period then I would have been one of the richest person

ketchup#4. Did you know that ketchup was used as a Medicine in 1800s, Ketchup was used to treat Diarrhea. First, it was treated as poison, then medicine and now it’s considered a junk food.They need promotion or else they will get retirement soon

Chocolate#5. Did you know that if you eat chocolate before studying or taking test, it increases your chances of understanding any information

apple#6. Did you know that Apples are more proficient at Waking you Up in the morning as compared to coffee. i am going to add Apples in my Daily routine

onions#7. Did you know eating lots of onions can make you feel sleep? Because they are rich in L-tryptophan, an amino acid that is a natural sedative but still my favorite.

dairy foods#8. Did you know consuming dairy foods may cause acne, It happens because of the abundance of a hormone called IGF-1, which is a growth hormone. It’s good for baby cows but prolonged intake can cause acne to you. Girls, i know what you are thinking right now.


Source: story pick