Desi Girls Videshi Achievement, Oh Yes its Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra who thrilled us in the song ‘Desi Girl’ is commonly referred to as a super talented actress in Bollywood. Well now the Desi girl is not only limited to Bollywood, her Hollywood achievements are an outstanding achievement for any Bollywood actress. Let’s talk about Piggy Chops Videshi achievements here:

  1. She dined with Obama at White House:

Yes, this beautiful lady had the opportunity to have a dinner with none other than Barack Obama in the much talked White House of America. This is surely an exceptional triumph for any Indian actress on the go.

2. Appreciated in Quantico:

She stars in the American thriller ‘Quantico’ in which she is seen in the role of a FBI agent. She has done justice to the dialect then and the upcoming seasons of Quantico has seen Piggy Chops in improved avatar again and again. She is hard working and has achieved all the glamour.

3. The GUESS girl:

She is signed with the International brand of fashion ‘GUESS’ for their Holiday Campaign in 2013. Being a guess girl is really a big deal and in too short time is yet bigger!! She is bold and awesome in the photoshoots of GUESS.

4. The Oscars:

Priyanka will be on the Oscars this year!! Yes you heard it correct she is grabbing the headlines, she will share the stage with other celebs like Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Reese Witherspoon, Juliane Moore and more.

5. Winner of People’s Choice Award:

She won the Best Actress Award for her show ‘Quantico’. She not only got nominated but also walked out with the award!! She is seen to beat superstars Emma Roberts and Jamie Lee Curtis for this Award.