According to Experts, Chennai Floods Is a Man Made Disaster


As Chennai is struggling hard to find its footing after the Floods in which more than 100 people has lost their lives, According to experts it was a man-made disaster.

chennai-flood Image Source: Chennai Speakers

According to the environmentalists, Over the years the water bodies across the city have been filled up and built upon, often by politicians for real estate. The results for that is , During endless rain, Water overflows. In the year 2005 a similar flood shook the city. This time, around 12000 people had to be evacuated in Chennai alone.


“It’s a wake-up call. There would be even bigger tragedies if we don’t preserve our water bodies, if we don’t deepen them… We don’t have to depend on other states for water”. said Nisha Thota an environmentalist and Founder of SHUDDA.

The previous year, 61 people lost their lives after an under-construction high-rise building put up on a lake bed collapsed. People still wade through knee-deep to waist-deep waters in Chennai’s low-lying areas.Many blame it on successive state governments for converting water bodies into housing estates. Some residents call it vote bank politics others say its collusion with developers. But the nightmare for people living in these areas is far from over.

Source: NDTV