A Woman Kept a Bomb as a Flower Vase Which Could Blow a House


A 45-year-old school career Adviser Catherine Rawlins Bunckki was shocked when she found that she kept a live bomb as a flower vase from the last 30 years which could blow her house and this bomb was planted during the First World War but luckily it didn’t explode. Catherine found this flower vase in her school playground when she was at the age of 15 and from that time she kept that flower vase in her home.


Catherine said that when she was young she use to decorate that vase with plastic flowers but later she loved decorating that flower vase with fresh flowers, but unknown with the fact that the vase can destroy her whole family.

One day suddenly Catherine saw a documentary film in TV from which she got informed that the vase which she kept with her from the last 30 years with lots of care and love, actually it’s not a flower vase it is a live bomb she kept with her for so long time.

After realizing Catherine called the police and experts and they removed the explosive from that flower vase and the expert team returned the flower vase to Catherine.

Source: NDTV