A Gang of Cheaters in Rourkela, Odisha Scammed Flipkart by Taking Advantage of Flipkart’s Return Policy


Cannot understand what’s happening in our country. Why people are choosing a wrong way to earn money, why they are doing such things. I hope you remember the Flipkart’s Incident where a 32-year old Man, Veera Swamy who is a resident of Hyderabad was found exploiting Flipkart’s return Policy, He has placed more than 200 fake orders, costing over Rs.20 lakh to Flipkart.


After this incident, there is another Scam which came out in the Steel City Rourkela, Odisha in which a Gang of Cheaters exploited Flipkart’s return policy.There Plan was Simple at first they placed order and after receiving the order These guys changed the original machine parts with the duplicate ones of equal weight and as you know in Flip kart’s Return Policy if you are not Satisfied with a Product then you can return it to Flipkart and they took advantage of that policy. The Scammed money is still not confirmed could be in lacs. One of the gang members was caught yesterday along with the Flipkart’s Parcel.


UPDATE: Sudip Maiti scammed Flipkart for more than Rs 27 lakhs with his gang and arrested by Uditnagar Police in Rourkela, Odisha. Hence, Police investigating the case in detail and also searching Sudip Maiti’s other gang members.

According to the Dainik Jagran, Sudip Maiti is a seller on Flipkart, who changed the original machine parts with the duplicate ones of equal weight. But, this time Sudip planned something different instead of giving client’s address he use to put his own address and place the order, for which company use to transfer the payment in his account for the every order he placed.

Recently he imported goods from the company and bringing them into his home and use to replace all the original goods with the old ones and send to the Powerhouse Road depot. When the company detected him, company asked Sudip Maiti to pay the loss amount but Sudip Maiti refused to do so. After Sudip Maiti’s refusal the company’s senior manager Sagar Kapoor filed a complaint against Sudip Maiti in Uditnagar police station. Sudip Maiti is now arrested on company’s senior manager Sagar Kapoor’s complain and police also recovered all the fake goods packets from his place. Police have started investigation on different aspects of this case.


Update Source: Jagran