5 Movies You Should Watch Right Now If You’re A Om Puri Fan


Om Puri is no longer with us but he was a veteran actor who had made several unforgettable scenes and has indeed left his footprints on the sands of time. He is seen talking walking and playing the role in such a style that it is alwas remembered. He has played the role of cop for 15 times!! Let’s give a look to the top 5 scenes of this heavenly God of Bollywood!!

  1. Chachi 420:

Who can forget the humorous scenes of BanwariLalPandit(Om Puri) who was seen suspecting Chachi(Kamal Hasan) all the time!! This 1997 comic will still remind us of Om Puri all the time.

2. Malamaal Weekly:

Balwant aka Ballu in Malamaal Weekly was another brilliant stroke by Om Puri. Although the character was shown as a disciplined man, yet this talented man managed to create lots of laughter by his way of resembling the character on screen.

3. Mere Baap Pehle Aap:

This role was yet contradictory to the usual comic roles played by Om Puri onscreen. In this movie, he was seen as a senior person who was always in search of a beautiful sanskari bride!! His brilliant role will surely make you watch the movie again and again.

4. The Hundred- Foot Journey:

He plays the lead role of Mansur Kadam who was the senior most person of the Kadam family and a male dominant representative of the same. His acting in this movie was much applauded and he really shone on the theaters.

5. Oh My God!!

Though this was a Paresh Rawal starred movie, we can see that Om Puri’s character had added the responsible sense of emotion to the movie. This actor was seen as a handicapped lawyer who helped Paresh to escape from the plunges of orthodox people who gathered money in the name of God.