5 Most Beautiful Cities In The World


Are you somewhat of a travel over? You take pride in going and visiting countries and cities all around the globe. If yes then this one is exclusively for you!! This list of top 5 beautiful cities in the world will surely give you major travel goals. Give this a look:

  1. Venice:

From the Shakepeare’s great novel, Merchant of Venice, the beautiful city of Venice tops the list!! It is so perfect and beautiful that it can’t be described in words. The true to art buildings everywhere, every building is indeed a piece of art. The city breathes beauty and is a fairy tale place.

2. Paris:

Exclusively known for the Eifel Tower where many movies are shoot and as the most romantic city in the world, Paris is second on the list. It has inspired every world capital, has architectural buildings so many that your architecture books must be flooded by those. It also has an exquisite cuisine. So yes visit this heavenly place.

3. Prague:

The city of thousand shires showcasing the ancient monuments and beautiful grand architectural buildings, this place is decorated with the medieval flavour!! Several admired bridges, the view of the Vltava River and what not this city will make your holidays.

4. Lisbon:

Demarcated on the banks of the Tagus River, this city is one of a scenic beauty. Stunning looks of the 15th century designs, the picturesque landscapes and all the beautiful things summoned in it, this city is exclusively great.

5. Rio de Janerio:

People say God created the world in 6 days and Rio in the seventh day. This city is so beautiful. The lush green lawns and the Godly beauty all are the gifts given to this place!! Mesmerising setting and mountains, statues and  a lot more…