23-year-old Aanchal Arora from North Delhi Lost her Life while Dancing


Girl Died while dancing

This incident occurred in Gurgaon when a young fashion designer died when she was dancing at a crowded concert of American artist Skrillex in Gurgaon near Delhi.The name of the girl is Aanchal Arora, who is 23-year-old lost her life while dancing in the concert. Aanchal Arora’s friend Kashima also fell unconscious and at present is in Intensive Care Unit(ICU).

The girl who died was from North Delhi and was there with her Friends for attending the concert at the Haryana Urban Development Authority ground.According to police, the venue was very much crowded.

A Doctor said that Aanchal’s stomach and intestine were completely cleaned because she hadn’t consumed any food or drink for several hours and the doctor also said that “It could be exhaustion and overcrowding that hit her,”.

When anchal collapsed her friends tried to wake up and after that Aanchal was taken to the Hospital, but, unfortunately, she was declared dead.

Source: NDTV

Photo Source: ScoopWhoop