10 Delicious Food of Kashmir That Every Food Lover Must Try Once


This post is all about food so if you are one of those who just love eating food then you are absolutely reading the right article, in one of my article I had discussed about the food of Rajasthan do read that also, so after Rajasthan now we have moved to the northern side of India That is Kashmir, Just like its picturesque beauty, the food in Kashmir is heavenly. The rich, redolent dishes steeped in traditions have evolved through many generations. from Mutton Rogan Josh to Chicken Palao we have most of the thing in our list. I hope that you are going to enjoy the article and I request each and every viewer to post your opinion and do try this dishes once, so are you ready, Here We Go:


Khatte BainganKhatte Baingan


Dum AlooDum Aloo


Kashmiri Style Mutton RibsKashmiri Style Mutton Ribs


Mutton Rogan JoshMutton Rogan Josh


Yogurt Lamb CurryYogurt Lamb Curry


Paneer ChamanPaneer Chaman


Kashmiri SaagKashmiri Saag






Chicken PulaoChicken Pulao