Eight Jaw Opening Facts About Women That You Probably Don’t Know


“It is hard to be a women, You must think like man, Act like a lady, Look like a young Girl and Work like a Horse.”

This post is all about women and in this post you will get to know some of the lesser known facts about women that you probably don’t know 

In every 90 seconds, one woman dies during Childbirth


women-speaksWoman Speak 20,000 words a day and an Average man speak 7000 words a day


unmarried-womanIn the United States, 40% of the birth is coming from Unmarried Women


Youngest-girl-to-be-divorcedThe Youngest girl to ever Divorced was 10-year-old


Woman-holding-braMore than 80% of the women wear Wrong Bra Size


Heartbeat of women is faster than men


tall_woman_cancer-riskAccording to a study, a taller women has more risk of having Cancer


women-multi-taskingWomen do better multitasking then men

Source: Internet